Nexus 7 Waiting for Sync

Nexus 7 – Waiting for Sync your email will appear soon

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Waiting for sync Your email will appear soon.

If you have managed to set-up and authenticate your email on the Nexus 7 you will get a screen that just says Waiting to sync. This seems to be happening after the Android 4.2 update and appears to be linked to a new setting “Auto-sync data which is not enabled by default.

  • On your Device, go into the settings menu and click the Data usage option (Third from the top)

  • At the top right of the screen there are 3 little squares stacked on top of each other, click that and enable the Auto-sync data check box by making sure there is a tick in the box.

Once this is enabled you may need to restart the tablet but your emails will start flowing to your device soon. Please make sure you understand that by enabling Auto-Data sync that data will be used and if you are on a pay per byte connection you may incur extra fees.



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  2. You rock…. I have been breaking my head to resolve the issue. Wish I had know your solution earlier. Better late than never 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info……been racking the brain for weeks…it finally works….I was about to toss the N7 in the bin out of frustration…lol.

  4. Thx alot!
    Very frustrating, but now it feels great. 🙂
    Does this mean that Google Now will work as it should?

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