Windows Surface RT Screenshot

Windows 8 RT Surface screen capture.

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How to Screenshot on Windows Surface RT

If you are looking at how to do a screenshot or screen capture on the Microsoft Surface Tablet then just use this combination of Keys

  • Touch and hold the “Windows logo” on the face of the Surface. (Use your right hand)
  • Whilst still pressing the logo click the “Volume Down”

The screen will dim slightly and your screenshot will be saved to a folder called “Screenshots” in your Picture library.

UPDATE: As Martin points out below, once you have captured your screenshot, a copy stays on the clipboard so you can simply paste it into Word, email or whatever you need. (Thanks Martin)

Windows Surface RT Screenshot

Windows Surface RT Screenshot

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Comments 22

    1. I thought he meant the volume down key on my keyboard attachment, the physical rocker key on the left hand side is what he is referring to. So Windows symbol on Surface, then volume down on rocker key. THEN it works.

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  2. Works great! Thank you!

    After capturing the screen image also resides in the clipboard and can be directly pasted to Paint or Word.

    Do you also now a way to capture the screen using a key combination on the keyboard?

  3. works great! thanks! maybe just to add … it´s about the physical volume down button (hw), not the key on the keyboard 🙂

    1. Ashley and all others, if is not working you guys should be doing something wrong then…

      HOLD the Start icon and while holding the start icon, press volume Down …

      thats it 🙂

  4. How ridiculous that there isn’t a clearer way to do a screen shot in this day and age. What happened to a Print Screen key which has been on keyboards for 20 years? Definitely something to update especially since one can’t upload screen shot programs like Jing which,I use everyday on my Acer laptop.

  5. I’ve tried holding the HOME windows button on screen while pressing the volume down toggle along the left aside of the Surface Pro 3, screen capture doesn’t work. HELP. Thanks

  6. Just a question is it possible to do a video screen capture?
    You can do it through powerpoint on a desktop but now on surface.

  7. Do you know what the screen resolution is on the RT? I want to create digital paintings on it hut don’t know if the screenshot will be high enough quality.

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