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Digital Intelligence – Effective Marketing

With more than 3.2 Billion people using the internet, you need to make sure your digital marketing is relevant, timely & highly targeted.

Your marketing is beautiful, but is it intelligent? OPS Active offer a complete digital solution from conception, strategic road maps and implementation through to the final bespoke reporting. We focus on measuring real term results, so that it is not just money spent, but a calculated return on your investment.

Because your business is like no other, our Digital Intelligence solution has a modular approach with several options for each area. By offering bespoke solutions we ensure that you are getting what is right for your business not an ‘off the shelf make it fit’ package, that keeps you operating in the same way as everyone else.

3.2 Billion people use the internet

You need to make sure your Digital Marketing is Relevant, Timely & Highly Targeted. Ask OPS Active how.

  • Customer Identification

    Know your customers without them logging in. Offer relevant information to anonymous guests

  • Targeting customers

    Tailoring your customers journey to provide relevant and timely products

  • PPC & Remarketing

    We target the most relevant potential people before serving adverts that cost you money

  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

    Experts at ensuring your website is visible via non branded, organic searches

  • E-Mail campaigns

    From Mailchimp to Brief Your Market, we can help get better insights into your customers

Are you making
Data Driven Decisions?


Pay Per Click advertising. Know what your CPC, CTR & CPA is


Remarketing and prospecting, target the right demographics


Gathering further insights via you email campaigns