808 portable sound CES 2014

Michael CES 2014, TechTalk

The news seems to have hooked on that CES 2014 is about wearable tech. Whilst there is a fair amount of wearable tech it is nothing compared to the vast amounts of exhibitors showing off their latest portable sound devices. I gave up counting these exhibitors at 34, all plugging their latest sound boxes. However, 808 Audio were a little bit different.

These little boxes offer up some powerful OOoommpphh. The HEX TL was my personal favourite and something that is now firmly on my shopping list, right up ahead of the BOSE Bluetooth Speakers.

Overall 808 were among the most impressive stands and take my top choice for portable sound awards (If I had one)

Whilst the HEX TL does not offer up stereo sound, it makes up for it with solid bassy kick.

  • Precision tuned dual speaker with bass resonator
  • Play your music without wires
  • 12 hours of play time
  • Available in Red, Black and White

808 Audio Range

Their stand was also incredibly impressive and captivating, The DJ was playing on a “see through touch screen” and you could have your photo taken and be superimposed as a DJ playing to a crowd. Definitely beats some of the selfies that were being taken that day!

808 Stand

808 DJ Screen


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