Edible printed 3D candy CES 2014

Michael CES 2014, TechTalk

3D printing is all the rage at CES 2014. If  you are at the event and do not go look at the 3D  section you are missing out, literately missing out. They have “The Sugar Lab” there who are printing candy with 3D printers. The little shapes in the bowl you see below are bits of sugar that has been formed into shapes using 3D printing.

Before I landed I remember saying there was no way I would eat printed food, that’s disgusting right…So what’s it like? Pretty awesome… The second it hits your mouth it just falls apart and you are left with the intense flavour of whatever it is they used.

So forget about the printed steak and vegetables, let the 3D Candy printing commence!

3D Printed Food

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