Google Drive to offer 5GB storage and 100GB in total

Michael Cloud, Google, TechTalk

Google are getting set to launch their much anticipated Google Drive. We expect to see this in the next few days, as with previous launches though I would expect it to go into Beta mode first with a limited user base.

There is however the possibility that we wont get GDrive, after all it has been rumoured for the last few years already but if this is anything to go by it may be very soon

With all these Cloud Drive services on offer, how long will it be before Facebook offer a free FaceDrive? One thing I would bear in mind though is that with all these “FREE” services they will probably harvest every last letter of your information stored, NOTHING is free, this will cost you your data.


After only a few hours we see Google have officially launched the service… Go to for more information, we will update you with more details as soon as we have given it a good test drive.

Update 2

The Upgrade options are as follows

$2.49 per month
25 GB for Drive and Picasa
Bonus: Your Gmail storage will be upgraded to 25 GB

$4.99 per month
100 GB for Drive and Picasa
Bonus: Your Gmail storage will be upgraded to 25 GB

There are more options up to 16 TB but thats going to set you back $799.99 per month!

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