The impact of Blockchain and Bitcoin on conveyancing

Michael TechTalk

Today we had a Blab chat with James Dearsley from the Digital Marketing Bureau and Ragnar Lifthrasir who is the President of the International Bitcoin Real Estate Association about the impact of Blockchain and Bitcoin on conveyancing.

I am definitely no expert when it comes to Bitcoin and just the paragraph above is enough to confuse most people, but if you are wanting to learn a bit and what the potential implications on conveyancing are, watch the replay of the Blab chat. Ragnar explains that Blockchain and Bitcoin are a couple of things, It is a ledger, Escrow system and a currency.

If you are worried about property fraud, I suggest signing up for the Land Registry’s free property alerts.

For more information head on over to Ragnars IBREA and follow us all on Twitter and Blab.

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Ragnar Lifthrasir – @Ragnarly

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