Intel and Dreamworks CES 2014

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One of the most impressive talks came from Kate Swanborg of Dreamworks Animation. Kate has been with Dreamworks through releases like Shrek, Madagascar, The Croods, A Sharks Tale and the last release Turbo.

During her speech we got an insight into the processing power and time needed to produce these movies and how they come to life. She also spoke about the release of their upcoming release of the Dreamworks tablet for kids. For a long time Android and IOS tablets have been a danger in kids hands. Dreamworks tablet the “DreamTab” is aimed at kids and will “theoretically” not lock them into just Dreamworks content. From the first glances it appears to be running Android but just how locked down it is in child mode, is yet to be seen. The Adult mode is said to offer the same capabilities and processing power as an iPad.

The truly inspiring part of her speech was the amount of attention to detail that is paid to each part of the up coming movie MR. Peabody & Sherman. Take the knife set below for example. Each and every part of the knife was a decision that needed to be made, the quality, the materials, the look and did it appear to be the right quality you would expect in the kitchen it is being used in? even though it will only be shown for 30 seconds in the whole movie, Dreamworks pay attention to this level of detail. Who would have thought that an engraved logo would change the quality so much.

Dreamworks Kitchen

The “DreamTab” due to be released by Dreamworks in 2014. It will offer a Child and Adult mode which will let parents work on the tablet too.


So what has any of this got to do with tech? Well Dreamworks have so much processing to do for each animation that they could possibly do it by themselves. They use Intel as an elastic cloud processing provider when they have an excess  of processing to do. So its not just Amazon in the EC world, Intel are there too.


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