international space station google prank

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Today I logged into the Google analytics homepage to check the real time analytics of a site and was surprised to see, 41 visitors from the “International Space Station – Control Room” located just south of what appears to be Australia.

Google seem to have gone all out this year on their April fools jokes. First With Youtube Stopping submissions to review all the videos and pick a winner –  Then there was Google Nose “Smelling is believing” and now in Analytics the Space Stations on my website. You may need to keep checking back because if there is any live traffic it appears to be gone. Anyhow, made me chuckle and think thank goodness life is not too serious.

International Space Station - Control Room


I am not sure exactly how many pranks Google have made today, but it seems they also took their annual April Fools day joke with Microsoft to a whole new level, when they introduced “GMail Blue” in what looks like a swipe at the upcoming Windows 8 Blue Update.

GMAIL Blue –

Now if you would excuse me, I am off to go treasure hunting on the new Google Maps 😉




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