LG Curved CES 2014

Michael CES 2014, TechTalk

The very first stand I came across this year was LG. This was surprising as last year in the main hall Samsung dominated everything (except Sony’s wrap around screen that was impressive.) LG had a very impressive passive 3D display which was just incredible to watch, unfortunately the images and video don’t translate very well.
LG Curve 3D Display

There was nothing dramatically new this year but there was definitely a curved theme in the LG Camp. The huge 3D screen I was just talking about…”Curved”, 4K TV’s which were all the rage last year are now 4K Curved TV’s this year and not forgetting their smaller devices, curved phones. The one thing I noticed was missing this year was the glasses free 3D TV, I only encountered 1 set the whole day.

The 77″ Flexible Curved OLED TV has a 5′ degree curve to help give you a more movie theatre experience.


Personally standing there watching all the curved screens, I just don’t get it. Even Michael Bay who was behind great movies like Transformers couldn’t think on his feet about how it can be used to enhance your experience when his auto cue failed at the Samsung launch. Below you will notice the curve, but who watches TV like this? When you get in front of the screen like the next picture, you don’t really notice anything.


And finally, not forgetting the curved phones, these just look cool and feel pretty comfortable on your face but once again, marketing is a powerful things, I could not see any real life advantage, just a personal taste thing and Its always good to have options.

When I say marketing is powerful, this is LG’s reason for the curve.

The curve shape is inspired by the natural contour of the eye and provides the optimal viewing platform



Overall the LG camp was very impressive and their screens definitely rival Samsung’s. Lets hope they crack on with 8K so we can get on with glasses free 3D TV… Then we will just need to up our internet speeds so we can actually get content from somewhere!


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