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I have just sat down to do another guide and came across a small problem. I usually use the built in Snipper tool with Windows 7 but I needed to capture a right click… Now Print Screen and Paint is my normal quick solution but I am on a Macbook pro and um…well there is no Print Screen key.

Now there are several short-cut keys that enable normal keyboard commands, but I thought it may be useful to have a whole bunch all together, for easy reference. Below are some of the useful commands.

[error]Please bear in mind that on some Macbooks, the “Function F1 to F12” Keys control hardware, so pressing the “Shift” + “F11” for example, will do nothing as you are effectively pressing “Shift” + “Volume Down”. You will also need to press the “Fn” key if you have this setup. [/error] [col2]

“Fn” Key controls hardware

Print Screen – Shift + Fn + F11

Print Active Screen – Alt + Shift + Fn + F11

Delete – “Fn” + Backspace

[/col2] [col2]

“Fn” Key does not control hardware

Print Screen – Shift + F11

Print Active Screen – Alt + Shift + F11

Delete – “Fn” + Backspace



If there are any other keys you are missing or need to know about please leave a comment below, and we will try update this post.

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