Should Real Estate Agents care about the Apple FBI Controversy

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If you missed the conversation on should Real Estate Agents care about the Apple FBI Controversy on Friday evening, here is a quick summary and the recording.

This is a delicate topic on how far is too far but what I take from it is that we should all be doing as much as possible to protect our clients data. Leaving computer screens unlocked in the office facing a window or folders with information lying on the desk, not locked away is what we should all be more concerned about. I remember when I was applying for a mortgage several years ago, all my information was being written down in a little book, right alongside everyone else in the same book. If this book went missing there was more information about me in there, than anywhere online.

For the Real Estate industry this should be more about best practices and making sure you are not storing more information than you need to, for no longer than you need to and as safely as you possibly can.

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