Shrewsoft VPN cannot connect on WiFi

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We have seen instances of VPN connections not connecting on WiFi after changing to Windows 7 64bit. Part of the problem comes in because of Cisco’s  lack of Windows 7 VPN client like they did for the 32 bit versions. As a consequence a lot of IT departments, are recommending ShrewSoft VPN client as an alternative. ShrewSoft have a client that you can import the Cisco PCF file and it works as normal, whether you are on 32 or 64 bit. A definite upside we have found  since using ShrewSoft, is that we have far fewer VPN Connection issues. For some reason the Cisco client used to corrupt the PCF File and we had to constantly remote on and change the file or more frustratingly try talk someone through it over the phone. A half patched solution to the Ciso PCF file, was to make it “Read Only”, but that only slightly decreased the issue.

If you have been struggling with connecting to a VPN over WiFi with the ShrewSoft client or getting the “Negotiation Timeout”, “Tunnel Disabled” and “Detached from Key Daemon” error, try disabling your “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter ”

Lets start by getting to your  “Network Connections” Window.

1) Click Start and type “Network Sharing”, then click the “Network and Sharing Center”

2) Now that we are inside the Network Connections click on the “Change Adapter Settings”

3) Look for a “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter”, right click it, and choose Disable.
To re-enable it you need to follow these steps again and instead of choosing disable choose Enable

[error] Please be aware that disabling this does have a side affect.
If you need to setup a HotSpot Wifi or AdHock connection you will need to re enable this

Now all you need to do it give it a try, if this did not work please remember to undo what you have just done. If you’ve been told it’s the policy on the company’s router, or your local WiFi, even though you can connect via Ethernet cable and other WiFi laptops please refer them to this article.


You can also try Upgrading to ShrewSoft version 2.2.0 beta, which contain a fix for this problem. It is obviously beta software, so may not be recommended for Live use?

If this works for you we would be very keen to know.



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