Tech Crunch Interview with Matt Corddry

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Tech Crunch Interview with Matt Corddry

I don’t often share this kind of motivational stuff but there are times when people just make sense and have the same kind of views as you do. Matt Corddry who is the director of Facebook hardware engineering, sums up my thoughts in a short Tech Crunch “Inside Jobs” interview. Here are a few of his quotes if you don’t have time to watch the full interview.

“You need to know very well the people who use your product, you need to know the experience you are creating. It is insufficient to just write a paper about it, or have somebody else write a paper and you read it. You really need to walk a mile in their shoes” – Matt Corddry.

“I have one quarter left of my degree”  – Matt Corddry.

“I see myself more as a service role to the people on my team, I draw org charts upside down, I put myself on the bottom and the engineers on the top, the way I see my world is, I am here to support them. The engineers are the ones who actually build things.”   – Matt Corddry.

“Perfection is the enemy of execution, if you’re a perfectionist you never build anything.”  – Matt Corddry.

“Reserve the the right to be smarter tomorrow than you are today” – Matt Corddry.

You can see the full interview here.



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