The importance of being able to adapt and change quickly in Digital

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National Blood week is between the 8th and 14th June 2015 and they have a campaign #MISSINGTYPE to encourage more people to give blood. In short, the idea behind the campaign is to create awareness by removing the letters A O and B from companies names and prominent signs.

As we all know, its almost impossible to keep up with the amount of on-line campaigns and good causes that are run on a daily basis, but every now and then some campaigns go viral and if its a cause you support you need to be able to join the movement quickly. If the world was still purely offline based marketing this would be near impossible without prior warning of what is coming. Luckily we are in the digital age and those that can adapt or change quickly are the ones that will be part of the on-line engagement.

How quickly are you able to adapt or change your website, social and on-line content to cope with social trends? Do your internal policies and brand guidelines cater for rapid changes and are you ready to embrace changes as a company?

I will update this page once the #MISSINGTYPE campaign is over to add some metrics and results from their campaign and on-line trends. Feel free to Subscribe to get the update.

In the mean time though, here are some of the creative companies and organisations taking part.

Downing Street

Public Health England





Green and Blacks

Let us know if you spot any other creative uses and we will be sure to include and mention you.

If you are curious as to what happens when donating blood, watch this short clip of Sabrina Washington donating.

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If you want to donate, look for a clinic near you on their website.

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