Travel by Dragon or Loch Ness Monster

Michael Fun Stuff, Google

I have just been talking to the guys in the office about travel times and found myself in a surreal situation where I was being very serious, talking about travelling by dragon and the Loch Ness Monster. I never thought that I would ever be discussing these options as means of travel to be displayed on a website, Thanks to Google and their never ending Easter Eggs this is now an option.

If you want to know how long it would take to travel from Fort Augustus, on side of the Loch, to Urquhart Castle head on over to Google Maps and take a look.


If you are a little weary about travelling on water, never fear, you could always fly on the back of a dragon? That is if you are travelling from Snowdon to Brecon Brecons that is.


This is not all in vain and just fun, Google are investing heavily in Maps and there are some really big changes coming not only to travel modes but times and possible in map advertising. If you think Im just speculating, look at their T&C’s point 4.3 –¬†




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