BT Openzone causing iPhones and iPads to not connect

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If you are having problems when you are out with your phone / iPad not connecting, you need to check your WiFi Settings. The iPhone will always try use WiFi over Mobile data, so when you are accidentally connected to a Free Hotspot your phone is going to try use that but not be able to get anywhere. Not all Hotspots are “Free”. Most of the time you need to enter a username or give them your email/phone number and unless you do that, you will not be able to connect.

There has been a boom in “Free WiFi” networks which is great if you hold an Openzone account etc but if you dont, then make sure you turn off “Ask to Join Networks”. Chances are you will at some point just click “OK” on a screen and you will pay the price later on, by not being able to connect, because your device constantly tries to use the BT/O2 network, rather than your cellular data.

Open you settings and click on WiFi. If you see any connections that you are not familiar with, click on the little blue arrow, on the right hand side.

Now click on the Forget Network button.

This should now let you use your mobile data 3G/4G as apposed to constantly trying to connect to WiFi.




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