My hotspot has disappeared on iPhone

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Recently I did an IOS update and my Hotspot function disappeared. As always I only noticed this once I went to activate it. If your Hotspot option disappears try resetting the network settings under “Settings”, “General”, “Reset”, “Reset Network Settings” This should then give you back the option to turn on your Personal Mobile Hotspot under “Settings”, “General”, “Mobile Data”, “Personal Hotspot”   As always …

Youtube hits number 1 in Apple Store

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Google’s YouTube App has just hit number one in the Apple store. Apple removed the app in IOS 6 because people watch YouTube via a web browser not an app. Google responded by releasing their own app which has just hit number one in the app store. What is amazing is that not only is it now number 1, but …

Apple Release iPhone 5 – Live Updates from theLaunch

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Stay tuned as we release up to date live info straight from the Apple September 2012 media event Start time – 18h00 GMT (for us European folks) [info]This page will automatically refresh every 30 seconds whilst the Apple event is happening – The latest update will be at the top. After the first refresh the adds will also disappear, click one …

Apple prematurely release iPhone 5 and iTunes info

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Apple just quickly retracted two pages from the website that were accidentally added!  A quick search though will show you the following two pages for a new iPhone 5 and brand new iTunes About 2 results found for ‘2012/09’ [info] STAY TUNED AFTER 18h00 GMT for live info from the Media Event releasing the iPhone 5 [/info]

IOS 6 No Google Maps but what Else is new

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After what was a rather painful start to installing IOS 6 SDK Beta I have managed to have a quick look at some of the major changes. The first thing I check on the home screen is the “Weather” Luckily its still 23 degrees! In reality its about 10 degrees and pouring with rain but the weather on the phone …

BT Openzone causing iPhones and iPads to not connect

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If you are having problems when you are out with your phone / iPad not connecting, you need to check your WiFi Settings. The iPhone will always try use WiFi over Mobile data, so when you are accidentally connected to a Free Hotspot your phone is going to try use that but not be able to get anywhere. Not all …

iPhone and iPad iOS5.1.1 Update available

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Another day another update, and today is no different. Apple have release iOS Update 5.1.1 Straight away you know its a Minor release based on the version X.X.1. This time it is a security update affecting the following products. [box title=”Products Affected” color=”#969696″] Apple TV, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X …

Extend your iPhone Battery Life close your apps

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I get lots of people asking why their iPhone battery does not last long any more. The thing about the iPhone is it never actually closes an application so the longer its on the more you have “sleeping” in the background, unfortunately not all these apps actually sleep, some have a nasty habbit of sleep walking. Whilst it may be fine …