Extend your iPhone Battery Life close your apps

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I get lots of people asking why their iPhone battery does not last long any more. The thing about the iPhone is it never actually closes an application so the longer its on the more you have “sleeping” in the background, unfortunately not all these apps actually sleep, some have a nasty habbit of sleep walking. Whilst it may be fine to have a few apps sleepwalk when you have many your phones battery gets sucked up by these zombie apps.

You would think a good restart would clear everything but alas it is not to be, mosty of the time it just reopens the phone in the same state it shut down so you end up achieving nothing.

If your battery is not lasting as long as it should, please do the following:

Double tap the home button

Tap and hold one of the icons at the bottom of the screen

Press the little red circles on the icons to close the apps. This will not remove the app, it just closes it.

Continue closing until all your apps are closed

Feel free to share this on with other iPhone owners. In fact why not share it on your new supercharged iPhone 😉

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