Youtube hits number 1 in Apple Store

Michael Apple, Apple iPhone, Mobile, TechTalk

Google’s YouTube App has just hit number one in the Apple store. Apple removed the app in IOS 6 because people watch YouTube via a web browser not an app. Google responded by releasing their own app which has just hit number one in the app store. What is amazing is that not only is it now number 1, but it is ahead of ¬†Podcast, iTunes U, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone and iBooks which you are prompted to download after upgrading or on first boot. Please keep the comments about people with iPhone’s having to Find Friends down to a minimum ūüėČ

Once installed it also feels like YouTube has¬†finally¬†been brought out of the 80’s. The clean interface and left menu bar is a welcomed changed, you can now slide to reveal¬†categories¬†and find popular videos. I wonder if Google will now push in video advertising a lot more, up¬†until¬†now you have had the option to not allow your videos to play on mobile devices because you could not monetise it.With Google releasing their own version¬†of¬†the YouTube app they could¬†possibly¬†now generate huge revenue from the “In Video Adverts”. Perhaps its a good thing that Apple let the professionals do what they do best?

What are your thoughts on the new YouTube App?


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