FOPE vs Postini who filters better

Michael Cloud, Google, Office 365, TechTalk

Historically we have been massively pro Postni for filtering spam and virus’s and now that we have been actively using Office 365 for just under a year, nothing has changed.

Mid 2011 we started switching to the 365 beta’s and testing how the system runs. By early November 2011 we could see clearly that everyone who had come off of Postini were complaining that they were experiencing a massive increase in spam. By mid November 2011, we got several reports of “” emails being received and clearly they were virus’s. The whole message screamed virus and had already been in circulation for many months, how this got through FOPE was a complete mystery. At that point everyone Who’s mail was going through FOPE was immediately diverted to go through Postini first.

As Microsoft and Google have not yet learned to play nicely together, there are a few extra things you will need to configure in FOPE, so you are not double scanning everything and possibly ending up with mail in two different quarantine areas. I will add another guide later explaining the process but for now let’s continue.

Since the virus issues, we have had casses open with Microsoft to see what happened. It is now May 2012 and Microsoft have decided to finally start helping us, we have been through almost every “escalation”engineer possible and after explaining the situation more than a dozen times we are finally going to get some help from them

They have asked us to redirect our mail directly through the 365 system again, so they can see what the problem is! I will write more updates as we go along but as of now, let’s hope DHL have no parcels they need to deliver ūüėČ


UPDATE: 10/05/2012 – Day 01 on FOPE

Some users are experiencing almost no increase or noticeable difference in spam levels. We do have others though, who have had a massive rise. We will monitor it over the next few days and see if there is anything specific to report on.

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