Office 365 Webmail and Tahoma 8pt

Michael Cloud, Office 365, TechTalk

We have been made aware of a bug in Office 365 that is causing quite a lot of frustration for webmail users. Fortunately it is only for Chrome and Safari users at the moment so as a work around you could use Firefox, IE or any other non Webkit flavour that works.

When you compose a new email message in one of the affected browsers, the body of the message has its font pt size changed. So if you are using Arial 10 like I do, when you compose a new message you end up with 8pt text.  After a bit of playing around we found that it reduces your default size by two. A work around solution is to increase your default by 2 I hear you say? Well not quite, what is happening is it is changing your browser email size by two, not the actual message. So once you have sent your mail the person on the other side gets the message as you intended it to be, so increasing the default by two, makes the email on the other side have larger fonts ie 12 not 10 as you saw it.

Here is a little clip showing what happens.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”PcJRGW0wu7Q”]


According to the Forums on Office 365 they are not going to fix it either??? The response from Microsoft is pretty shocking, however I cannot be surprised, If you have ever dealt with their escalation team you will know what I mean.


If there is any more on this we will update you.


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