Samsung Gear VR vs VR Box & Ricoh THETA s 360

Samsung Gear VR vs VR Box and the Ricoh THETA s

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By now my hopes and dreams of consumer ready devices able to create, share and consume VR and augmented reality are dwindling quickly. I open the Samsung Gear VR and like the other headset it is simply packed and pretty self explanatory.

Outlook 2013

Fix Office Outlook 2013 slow and laggy

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After upgrading to Outlook 2013 I noticed that the performance was incredibly slow when switching between Mail, Contacts and Calendar,  there would often be a several second delay before the screen changed. When searching for Contacts it could take 15 seconds to return the results. Now I’m not one to complain (too much) but if my local PC a quad …

Setup Outlook or Hotmail email on Nexus

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Struggling to set-up Hotmail or Outlook on your Nexus? The other day I tried to set-up my Outlook / Hotmail email on the Nexus tablet and found that this is probably not as straight forward as it should be. This may well be intentional but that’s a whole new topic. For now I am just going to run through the settings with you so …

Nexus 7 – Waiting for Sync your email will appear soon

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Waiting for sync Your email will appear soon. If you have managed to set-up and authenticate your email on the Nexus 7 you will get a screen that just says Waiting to sync. This seems to be happening after the Android 4.2 update and appears to be linked to a new setting “Auto-sync data which is not enabled by default. On your …

Amazon Cloud Drive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs SkyDrive vs iCloud

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Wow only a year or so ago Clouds were just that, today however we seem to encountering a thunderstorm of Cloud options. As they have come out I have been trialing each one. I cannot remember if I signed up to Microsoft’s LIVE Skydrive as it was formerly know or Dropbox first but those two kind of set the benchmark. …

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Microsoft Office 365 connection problem

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Recently we have been seeing issues with the Samsung Galaxy S3 connecting to Office 365 and in certain cases, On premise Exchange 2010. Problem: Samsung Galaxy S3 cannot connect to Mail using WiFi but can connect using 3G: The first time you set-up the email, it seems to work  fine but minutes later all communications cease. In some cases all HTTPS (secure) …

Open other users Mailbox in Outlook

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How do I open another users mailbox from within Outlook? Before you start please make sure you have the appropriate permissions assigned. If you are not sure or need to know how to do this please refer to this article. In the left had side of your outlook pane, look for your username/email address, this is the very top level of your …

Office 365 – Give permission on a mailbox

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You may find it necessary to grant a user /admin the ability to open and view the contents of another users mailbox. Here are a few quick steps to guide you through this process. Connect to your Exchange Online Powershell and enter the following [note color=”#CCD6DB”]$Cred = Get-Credential [/note] Enter your credentials and then enter the following two lines to complete the connection to …